Help Little Kids Rock

Do you remember that excitement you felt as a kid when you heard a song on the radio for the first time and it made your mouth drop open?

You know what I'm talking about — that amazing rush of energy with your hands clapping, singing your head off and not caring how you sound, your body bouncing to the beat as it transports you to another place entirely.

Now I want you to imagine something else for a second …

Imagine loving music… but never having the chance to pursue it in any way … through NO fault of your own.

You may not know this, but too many kids today are being unfairly denied the chance to pursue their dreams in music simply because school budgets have been slashed.

Unfortunately, music programs are among the first to be cut, because they are deemed as “not necessary.”

Jimmy Fallon had a comedy skit drum-off between Will Ferrell and Hall of Fame drummer Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

the winner got to donate money to his favorite charity …

And Chad's was something called “Little Kids Rock.”.

You wouldn't believe the great things this organization is doing.

Basically, it puts guitars and other musical instruments into the hands of kids who attend schools that can't afford music programs.

Chad Smith isnt the only big name celebrity that supports Little Kids Rock

Everyone from Slash .. to Springsteen, B.B. King, Santana, Metallica, Ringo Starr … Sammy Hagar, Lady Gaga, Tom Waits, Seal …

The list goes on and on..

Tim Gilberg, co-founder of Guitar Jamz as well as Next Level Guitar is stepping out from “behind the scenes” to tell you about a special project you may want to help with…

Tim has put together an exciting Indiegogo campaign to help raise money for this awesome charity.

There are some exciting “perks” based on your level of donation for this campaign including signed guitars from Marty, David Taub and Brett Papastache

I urge you to check it out:
100% of the money goes directly to Little Kids Rock and Tim has made arrangements to have some new guitars donated, too.

Watch these personal messages from Marty, Brett and David

Help kids have the opportunity to experience the joy of music and put music education back in school