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New Guitar Jamz Course

Marty Schwartz has just released a brand new course that looks totally awesome!  It's called Hendrix Revealed and is a 26 video digital download where Marty teaches you the guitar playing style and techniques of the master- Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix was (and still is) one of the most influential guitar players of all time.  He did things with his guitar that had never been done before and even long after his passing, continues to influence guitar players.

I dont know of another course as complete as Marty Schwartz's Hendrix Revealed that walks you through the techniques, tricks, rhythm style, lead guitar ideas etc of Hendrix.

When I saw that everyone's favorite internet guitar teacher, Marty Schwartz had a new course and it was all about Jimi Hendrix, I didnt even bother to read the description, I just ordered it.  How can it not be awesome!

Here are some of the things you will find in Marty's first ever digital download course- Hendrix Revealed


Understand the WHY of Hendrix's playing. You'll be able to analyze WHAT he's doing and WHY.

Learn the famous “Hendrix chord” and how to apply it in your playing.

Learn the Hendrix style of barre chords that frees up his pinky finger when playing so that you can use it to substitute for any bar chord you're playing. That's right

Master Double Stop Bending Licks, as well as an easy classic lick using double stop bends that create a really powerful beefy sound and can be moved up and down the neck!

How to add “Hendrix-inspired spice” to an A Chord progression that is so killer you'll want to set your guitar on fire.

Revolutionize your rhythm playing: discover how to incorporate licks into a basic blues progression to spice it up.

Learn the infamous bending style lick immortalized in the song, “Fire.”


The list goes on and on.  If you are a fan of Jimi Hendrix (what guitar player isnt?!) or just a fan of Marty Schwartz and his awesome guitar lessons, you wont want to pass this up!

Check it out ===>  Hendrix Revealed Course Info

Here is a video of Marty talking about Hendrix Revealed


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