Here’s Why So Many Players Struggle With The Guitar

Have you ever watched your favorite guitar player and said, “What the heck is that guitar chord he's playing?!”

There's a reason you don't know. And it's actually the missing piece to your playing . .

I promise that once you “get” this, your skill level will leap forward like you won't believe.

So let's talk about that mysterious guitar chord for a second, the one you can't figure out …

Let's say you've just watched your favorite player wring out the most killer sound from his axe and you're going, “What IS that?”

So you sit down and try to recreate that sound, and you just can't do it.

But why not? I mean, you KNOW you have the correct chords because you bought the official guitar tab for the song . . . but SOMEthing is out of whack.

So you scour tabs on the Internet, dig through guitar magazines, but you just cannot figure out the special chord fingerings that will let you “into” that artist's signature sound.

Well, I am going to let you in on the big secret that they know and you don't (but you will very shortly) …

The “Big Secret” starts with this one very simple truth:

If you only know the standard guitar chords, it is going to be super-difficult to hold the audience's attention.

That's just a fact, sorry. Hey, if it was that easy, then EVERYONE would have their own professional gig by now, right??


(And now you will, too.)

So how do you get there YOURSELF so that you can not only duplicate whatever special sound you love hearing from your favorite players, but start creating your OWN?

Simple. You learn how to MULTIPLY the chords you already know into countless MORE chord variations!

Seriously, this is how you get from here . . . to “THERE” really, really fast.

YouTube legend and one of the most popular guitar teachers on the planet, Marty Schwartz put together an awesome collection of lessons to show you how to do this

He's calling this radical method, “The Super Chord Expander.”

You have no idea how POWERFUL this is until you try it.

Oh yeah — the package also includes everything you need to know about playing rhythm guitar. Among other things, I'm talking about progressions, patterns, string muting, string scratching, staccato strumming, ghost strumming, and a bunch more.

Click here to see a short video presentation of what this can do for you. 


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