Hot New Gear from NAMM 2012





I've been following some of the articles and Youtube videos coming out of Winter NAMM 2012 and it looks like there is some great stuff coming out this year.

I'll start with my favorite that I have seen so far.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Marshall, they are releasing 1 watt versions of their most iconic amps for each decade.  The line up includes the JTM 45, JMP, JCM 800, DSL and JVM.  I have always wanted to own a JCM 800 but because of their wattage, they are impractical for the home use.  Now at 1 watt, the mini versions of these amps make them perfect for home use. Check out a demo of the series


Dunlop has 4 new pedals they unveiled which include the Joe Bonamassa Cry Baby and the Eric Johnson Fuzz


Blackstar is releasing a new distortion pedal called the HT-Metal


Fender is releasing the Kurt Cobain signature Fender Mustang guitar.  Check out the article that Premiere Guitar did- Kurt Cobain Signature Mustang


Ernie Ball released the new
Ernie Ball 2721 Cobalt Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
.  The Cobalt Series is an improvement on its classic nickel-wound counterpart giving the player increased sustain, clarity and output. In addition, they resist sweat and moisture better and have unmatched flexibility when compared to other nickel wound strings. Click the image below

Ernie Ball 2721 Cobalt Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings