How Many Guitars is Enough?

I have several different guitars for a number of different reasons- sound, feel, tunings, looks etc.  My wife gives me a hard time about having so many.  Funny how she doesnt have a comeback though when I ask her how many purses or pairs of shoes a woman needs.

Even my private students will ask why I have several guitars and what the purpose is.

I caught a good article over at which talks about this very subject.  Below is a summary where TTK talks about how many you need and why.




#1 Your First Guitar

This is more about nostalgia than anything else. It’s a special one that you’ll always look back on.  You always remember your first.


#2,3, & 4: Different Tunings

There are many songs that have alternate tunings.  Standard. 1/2 step.  Full step.  If you are a Floyd user, you’ll likely want at least 3 guitars to accommodate alternate tunings, only because it’s a pain in the ass to retune a Floyd.  Even if you’re not, guitars don’t intonate the same at different tunings. So, if you want to keep it in tune, you’d better get those guitars set-up for whatever tuning you’re using.


#5, 6, 7, 8, & 9: Acoustics, Basses, Classicals, and Extended Range

You might need a 7-string to sound like a thunder god. Or, you might need an acoustic so you can get the lighters going. Either case, this category is for those guitars that will do what a standard 6-string electric can’t.


#10 and beyond: Collector

Now, I know I’m going to get a ton of heat for saying that everybody who has more than 7 guitars is technically a collector. And, I’m willing to take a bit of heat on this. Unless you’re on tour, if you have more than one of the same guitar in same tuning, you’re probably a collector. That’s not a bad thing. Embrace your inner collector.

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