How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar


Maybe you got your tax return back from the government and you're jonesing for an acoustic guitar.  There are so many choices out there and prices vary from sub $100 to thousands.  You dont have to spend thousands to get a good acoustic guitar though.  So what is it that you should be looking for to get the best guitar for your money?  Read on…

The Bridge Unit

This is probably the most important part of the guitar. Most people believe that the way the sound is produced from an acoustic guitar is that the vibration of the strings is sent into the soundhole, amplified inside the sound chamber and sent out again through the soundhole.

This is not the way an acoustic works at all. If it were, you couldn’t get any sound out of a violin or a cello for example.

What actually happens is that the vibration is picked up by the bridge and is transmitted into the sound chamber. The vibration is then amplified and pushed out of the soundhole.

Thus, the importance of having a good bridge unit. This should be the first thing you look at.


A variety of woods can be used to produce the body. Look for a guitar that has solid wood.  Do not purchase an acoustic guitar that is made of plywood.

Also, the to and back ideally should be made of two different kinds of wood. You’re looking for a denser piece for the back and a lighter one for the front. Maple will often be used for the front piece.

The sides may be made from a third kind of wood. Again, different manufacturers will have different opinions on which particular woods to use. What it comes down to, at this point, is what you like

The Neck

Like on an electric, a variety of woods can be used on the neck. The neck should be in two parts: the neck itself and the fingerboard. Sometimes the headstock is a separate piece which is glued on; this shouldn’t effect the sound or quality in any way.

The fingerboard is usually made out of varnished Maple or Rosewood. Some people prefer Maple, others Rosewood. Essentially, Maple is cheaper.

Finally, the butt of the neck (the part that goes down and joins with the body), should go all the way down to the back for stronger support.

In Conclusion

Be sure to take your time and inspect the guitar throughly, looking for the various things mentioned in this article so that you have a quality guitar that you will be happy with for years to come.

Don’t get taken in by salespeople who don’t know what they’re talking about. If you’re not comfortable with the instrument, dont allow the salesman to talk you in to buying it.  They have their commission in mind, not your best interest.

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