How To Steal Guitar Licks And Make Them Yours

Griff Hamin of Blues Guitar Unleashed and the super popular author of the 4 Note Solo Concept did a really cool lesson on how the greats such as Clapton, SRV, BB King and so many others stole their licks from others and incorporated them in to their own playing.
There's this great saying that goes… 

“Good composers borrow and great composers steal.” 

And let's face it, the same holds true for guitar players. 

Here's the thing… it's important to learn your scales and how to approach soloing. It gives you the framework and the structure upon which you can use and manipulate everything else. 

But sometimes, it's good to just steal something… then analyze it a little bit… then bend and twist it to suit your own needs in a totally different way. 

You'll actually get to learn 5 great licks from 5 famous blues players (Clapton, SRV, Billy Gibbons, Freddie King, and BB King.) 

From there, we'll take those 5 licks and turn them into a solo… and not even a hard one. It's pretty easy as you'll see. 


Here is a play along track, jam track and the tab for this lesson

Play Along Track ===> stealing-licks-solo

Jam Track ===> stealing-licks-jam-track

Lesson Tab ===> stealing-licks-video-solo


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