How to Stop Wasting Valuable Practice Time

What do you think your #1 obstacle is to reaching your guitar playing goals?

Most guitar players say that it's lack of practice time.

That's completely FALSE

It also has nothing to do with your knowledge about guitar playing or music theory.

The biggest killer of your musical progress is the time you waste while you practice guitar.

You need to maximize every single minute you spend with your guitar and stop wasting the practice time you have.


Here are some very common guitar practice habits that kill your guitar playing progress:

BAD Guitar Practice Habit #1: Not Warming Up Properly

You probably know that you should warm up before you start your practice session. However, most guitar players fail to warm up correctly. They just jump in to what they are working on at full speed and then shake their head when they struggle with it.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes warming up. Do some simple finger exercises to warm your fingers up and put yourself in the mindset of guitar practice.  Make sure they include ones that force you to stretch a bit.

If you are looking for some good finger exercises check out this FREE guide courtesy of Guitar Zoom called 5 Minute Miracle Fingers.  There are some excellent exercises in there.


BAD Guitar Practice Habit #2: Practicing Things In The Wrong Order

The specific order of items in your guitar practice schedule makes a huge difference in your progress. The order matters both on a macro level and micro level.

Macro level refers to the general categories of musical skills (guitar technique, music theory, aural skills, etc.). Be sure to practice items that require the highest degree of mental focus first.

Micro level refers to specific exercises within a category (specific technique exercises, specific music theory concepts, specific ear training exercises, etc.).

Use the guitar practice generator to have personalized guitar practice schedules created just for you. This removes all guesswork from the practicing process and makes you a better guitarist faster.

BAD Guitar Practice Habit #3: Practicing too much of one thing and not enough of another

Most guitarists divide their total practice time equally into the number of items they have to practice. This is wrong. Different musical skills must be practiced at different frequencies and in different amounts of time per guitar practice session.

Guitar players also spend far too much time on things that give them instant gratification. This leaves less time for the areas that really need to be improved.

You need a good mix of “project” things and “ego” items.  Project things include techniques, songs etc that you have to work on over a longer period of time to master.  Ego songs, riffs etc are the ones that give you instant gratification and keep you motivated to play guitar.

How much time you allocate to each item in your practice routine are determined by:

-your available guitar practice time (as your amount of practice time changes, the frequency and amount of time you allocate to each item should change as well)

-your skill level with each item (as you improve a certain skill, you may not need to practice it as frequently as before)

-your specific goals (short and long term)

-your level of self-discipline (which varies for each item or skill you are practicing)
BAD Guitar Practice Habit #4: Practicing At Speeds That Are Too Fast 

Practicing guitar is NOT about playing something as fast as you can. Effective guitar practice is about developing skills and refining them. Your mind needs to focus to build perfect muscle memory with them.

For example, when you practice a scale, chord progression or solo on guitar, focus on technique in each hand separately. Pay attention to your fretting hand and keep the fingers relaxed and close to the strings.

Next, switch focus to your picking hand technique. Make sure that your pick doesn't move more than necessary to keep your motions efficient.

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