Huge List of Fun and Easy Beginner Songs For Guitar

The first part of the year always has lots of new guitar students as they either got guitars as gifts for the holidays or make that resolution to commit to learning to play the guitar so this is the perfect opportunity to give you a fantastic ebook that David Taub over Next Level Guitar put together.

We all want to learn songs on the guitar.  That is what drew it to us in the first place.

Playing songs are perfect to help propel your playing to the next level. Use a song as a vehicle to practice your chord changes, work on your strumming, and to work on your rhythm and timing.

David and the team at Next Level Guitar put together an awesome ebook called “Easy Campfire Songs” where he listed popular songs that can be played with just a few chords and easy strum patterns.

These songs can be stripped down and are easy to play with just one guitar. They sound great to strum on the front porch, jam with your friends, or to play around the campfire

Remember that so many popular songs are built from the same handful of open position chords.  Knowing just nine or 10 open position chords will get you playing thousands and thousands of tunes, and then add a bar chord or two and you can play probably 90% of all the songs ever recorded!

A couple notes about this list of songs ….

Even though many of the songs on this list were originally played by full bands, and that some may even be complex pieces of music, David prepared the list for mindset of the lone acoustic guitar playing a simple  version.  So think stripped-down, simple, and of course FUN!

The list is broken down by either all open chord songs, songs that you need the “F” chord to play, and songs that have a bar chord or two.

And it’s easy to find the chords for each song by just doing a Google search.  And a lot of these have been taught by David or his buddies Marty Schwartz and Brett Papastache on YouTube, so you may be able find tutorials for them on there.

You'll want to put your own spin on these songs and arrangements. If the actual recorded version of the song starts off arpeggiated and you don’t want to play it that way, just do a strumming version with easy 8th note strum patterns like d/d/u/u/d/u or d/u/d/u/u/d/u.

Get creative and remember that most songs can be broken down, stripped down, and played in an easy strumming format.

Also remember to keep pushing yourself to that next level by continually challenging yourself with harder chord changes, harder rhythms and more challenging songs.

Get your Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners Here

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Now if you are still struggling with chord shapes, changing between chords and strumming techniques, this list wont do you a lot of good.
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