Huge Sale on Jamorama Course Coming Soon

I get asked to review guitar courses all the time. I never even tell you about most of them because I usually don't feel like they live up to my standards. But this is DIFFERENT.  I recently got my hands on a course called, “Jamorama – Ultimate Guitar Learning Package ” I thought the name sounded a little “hyped” up. I mean, “ultimate”? Come on. Anyway, I downloaded the course. I read the description of each chapter and I decided I'd try the “beginner guitar” lessons first.

After only a few minutes, I gotta admit I was impressed by all the open chords, barre chords and strumming exercises included in the first book. Actually, I ended up going through the entire course that same day. And, I gotta admit this is GOOD stuff. And that's just one of the courses included in the package. It will take you months to get through to the advanced book which leads nicely onto playing more advanced strumming patterns learning songs from their song library and plenty of play along jam tracks.

If you have heard about Jamorama already, the good news is that there is a special promotion coming up which means you can get access to the full Beginner guitar course for a $1.00 Trial. That's 10 days of lessons completely risk free and if you enjoy the product you can pay for the remainder at a discount.

Have a read of what's actually in the course:

  • Beginner Course Level 1 – with 54 Video lessons & 16 Jamtracks
  • Beginner Course Level 2 – with 90 Video lessons & 10 Jamtracks
  • Jamorama Acoustic Focus Lessons – with 5 Video lessons & 26 Jamtracks
  • Jamorama Chord kit – 72 chords, 3 variations, multiple style progressions
  • Jamorama Tuning Guide
  • Jamorama Bonus Software including: – Jadye Musica Pro, Guitearit!, Guitar Tuner Pro and Jamorama Metronome
  • 30 day SongPond starter pack – learn two songs of your choice FREE

 IMPORTANT: You can ONLY get this one dollar trial for a limited time so keep an eye on this site or sign up for my newsletter for a link to get in on this offer.

Bottom line: If you really want to learn how to play guitar, this is THE course to help you get there. And with the special discount and offer I worked out for you, it's a no brainer! Stay tuned…