Improve Your Blues Soloing

When it comes to playing blues solos, the first thing folks do is learn the pentatonic minor scale. Which is a great place to start. But… you can't stop there! Unfortunately too many people do. They get stuck in a rut of playing the same box shapes over and over and they never quite capture that sound they are looking for and struggle with sounding like the greats such as BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, SRV and even Angus Young (his solos lie heavily in the blues) . Their solos will never have the authentic blues sound.


You need to mix the major AND minor pentatonic scale during your solo to get that authentic blues sound. All the great blues players know this simple trick and are masters at doing this.


Combining note choices from both the major and minor scales gives you that soulful and emotional sound that makes the blues what it is.


The big question is, how do you do it?


My buddy Steve Stine has an AWESOME video that shows you how to do this here…

The mini lesson even has free downloadable tab

Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic in Blues Soloing

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