Improve Your Chord Changing and Strumming

Here is an awesome lesson for beginner-level players.

David Taub of Next Level Guitar put together a cool video lesson that will help beginner guitar players master two huge concepts:

1)  How can I change chords more smoothly and easily?

2)  How can I play with more natural-sounding rhythm?

Why those two questions?  Because these are two of the most challenging aspects of beginner guitar!

Keep in mind that guitar frustration often comes from not having solid fundamentals and not using the proper techniques.

So many students experience frustration because they were never taught how to use the proper techniques that make chord changing so much easier, less frustrating, and more rewarding.

But fear not — this new free lesson is going to blast your chord changing into the stratosphere!

Please remember that the exercise is very challenging and will take some time to master. Add it to your daily practice routine and chip away at it each day. Use it for a warm up or try to get through it when you have a spare few minutes here and there.

With time and patience you will amaze yourself at how quickly and easily you will be blowing through the most challenging of chord changes.

Check it out!



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