Interview on Start Teaching Guitar

Just wanted to share that recently I received an invitation from Donnie Schexnayder over at Start Teaching Guitar to do an interview regarding my private guitar teaching business.  That interview was published today on the Start Teaching Guitar website so be sure to check it out- Six String Madness interview.

This is a big honor for me as Donnie runs an excellent website and produces the definitive podcast on not only ways to develop and maintain a successful business providing music education but on general business skills, time management and life coaching.  Be sure to check out his podcast.

As I mentioned in my interview, it really is all about my students.  Watching them develop and grow in their guitar journey is why I do it.  Just as learning to play the guitar is rewarding for them, watching my students is just as rewarding for me.  If you're a visitor of Six String Madness, thank you for visiting the site and I hope that the information here has helped you.  To all of my private students, you guys are great!  Keep working hard and I thank you for allowing me to help you in your guitar journey.

A huge shout out to Donnie for providing the resources and tools that he does on Start Teaching Guitar.  If you are a guitar teacher or have an interest in becoming one, make sure you check out his site and podcast.  Thanks Donnie!