It’s All About Moderation

I used to be an avid runner and easily got out every day for a long run but life sort of got in the way and with a wife, kids, job, house etc that all competed for my attention, I was lucky to get out once or twice a week

Lately, though, I've been reading about people training for these huge marathons (many hours and many miles) in just a few hours a week… basically doing what people have thought was impossible for as long as people have been running.

Now that sounds a little more my speed (pardon the pun) so I think I'm gonna look into that a bit more 🙂

But it also occurs to me that it's kind of the same thing with guitar playing (funny how I always come back around to that…)

What I mean is that it really doesn't take several hours a day of practice to play really well.

Sure, if you spend 8 hours a day on a guitar you're going to be really, really good… but will you be 8 times better than someone who plays for 1 hour a day?

I can answer that – no, you won't.

And it's ridiculous anyway because how would you measure 8 times better?

The reality is that you want to be good enough to have fun and play the sounds you hear – no better, and no worse.

So don't stress if you don't have some perfectly thought-out plan with no chance of failure – as long as you're continually pushing yourself for at least a few minutes each day (or maybe 4 out of 7) you should be improving and enjoying yourself.

And if today comes along and you just REALLY don't want to practice what you practiced yesterday – then for goodness sake play something else! This is not the time or place for that kind of determination.

Never ever forget that learning to play the guitar is about having fun