Jamorama $1 trial explained

Jamorama - Learn Guitar

A couple of days ago, I mentioned a special offer from Jamorama on their great guitar course that is perfect for anyone at the beginner/intermediate level of playing.

I received a few questions regarding purchasing and the one dollar trial. It's simply one dollar up front and 10 days of access to their membership site where you can instantly download the lessons. If you enjoy the course you simply carry on using it and you will be billed the remaining $38.95 ten days later. Note: That's a 20% discount on the normal website price with only $1.00 upfront to get access to everything.

They accept ALL major credit cards and the payment processor they use is one of the most trusted on the net. A number of people also asked if I could give more information about what each course covered, so I got in contact with the guys at Jamorama (they're really helpful) and they sent me back this course breakdown:

The Jamorama Beginner Book contains 15 chapters of lessons. Here you will learn the open chords and basic strumming patterns. The book sets you up for reading tab and some basic guitar theory. By the end of the beginner course you will be able to play along with a variety of jam tracks.

The Jamorama Advanced Book contains 26 chapters of lessons. This is where you will learn all major, minor, 7th and barre chords. At the end of the course you will be able to play the majority of chords on the guitar and have the strumming confidence to learn a whole heap of songs. If you complete the Jamorama Advanced course you will have all the skills to go forth and tackle those songs you have always wanted to play or even start jamming with friends in a band situation!

The Acoustic Focus Book covers the same principals that the beginner course goes through, and provides some finger picking lessons, which will help develop your right hand and build strength and dexterity helping your overall ability to play complicated rhythm guitar

The Jamorama Chord kit – is a resource to always have on hand. It includes high quality photos and three variations of each chord. Any teacher will most likely write these out for you on paper, which can easily get lost. But all Jamorama members have access to these chord resources.

The Jamorama Bonus Software package is a gift to everyone that takes up the one dollar trial. Even if you choose to cancel within 10 days. The guys at Jamorama care about their students and offer this like a gift to all members.

PLUS The SongPond Starter Pack 30 days FREE access with 2 FREE song credits. This is their library of songs which all members have access to. If you already play a little guitar and want to develop your skills this bonus will put a smile on your face.

As you can see, it's a pretty comprehensive course that will definitely help improve your playing. As I mentioned in my earlier email, the only rub is that it's only going to be available for a limited time. So I'd suggest putting a reminder on your calendar, your fridge, your phone… anything to make sure you don't miss out on this great offer.

I should have a link soon for you to gain access to the promotion. You won't find this deal on their website other than from the link.