Last Chance For Marty Schwartz’s Guitar Coaching Club

Today is the last day that Marty Schwartz has his GuitarJamz Guitar Coaching Club program available.

This is an absolutely insane deal! 

Here's what you get: 

    > EVERY single guitar lesson DVD Marty has ever
produced (which amounts to a shipment of 65+ DVDs
landing with a “THUMP!” on your doorstep via free
shipping) …

PLUS, every FUTURE DVD he ever does (again,
shipped to you automatically without you having
to do a thing) ….

PLUS immediate, unlimited lifetime access to
Marty's GuitarJamz private lesson vault containing 1,000+ guitar
lessons in ALL styles and genres.

PLUS a bonus 5-CD set of 54 jam tracks that
make you wanna do nothing but play guitar all day

And you get all that for just a one-time fee that you
can even split up into three payments if you want.

Here's a video where Marty explains how it works: