[50% Off] Last Chance to Get 180 Beginner Blues Licks and Jams

Today is the last day to qualify for the 50% off discount and bonuses for Next Level Guitar’s latest masterpiece guitar course- 180 Blues Licks and Jams

At first, when I saw that David and the NLG team released this course, I thought “Not another Blues licks course…”


But this course is so much different than your traditional run of the mill “licks courses” David really focuses on teaching you to learn FROM the licks and not just memorizing a bunch of random licks.


Great for all levels of playing

180 Blues Licks and Jams starts you at the beginning and progresses incrementally from there. And if you're already an intermediate player, you will still have tons of room to grow and you can start wherever you need to for your level. David is very good at teaching everything in a “stair-step” fashion to cover all ability levels.


You will be able to make your own solos!

180 Blues Licks and Jams will show you how to do this. What you have to do is learn how to take a lick and CONNECT it to ANOTHER lick — or even multiple other licks. And you also use certain transitions, such as bending a string to connect the licks. Look, anyone can play a few individual licks by themselves. But it's when you begin stitching them together that you begin creating jaw-dropping SOLOS. And THAT is an incredible feeling … and totally doable even for beginners if you follow a few steps with diligence. Click here to see and hear more about this.

Break out of the “box”

In order to “break out of the box” you need to learn how to play a single lick in different positions. When you begin playing a lick in various positions all over the neck — which isn't hard with a little practice — then you begin creating a bigger palette of sounds and THAT'S how you get to the next level quickly on guitar. And I say that because when you do “unshackle” yourself from that one confining position, the entire fretboard opens up to you like a dream. You start creating new and amazing sounds and now you're hooked because you'll never get bored and your repertoire leaps forward like crazy. David will show you how!
Play your new licks with a band

In 180 Blues Licks and Jams, David gives you 30 backing tracks to play over and teaches you the licks over those exact same jam tracks you receive! That means more precise learning, and easier, too. And a LOT more fun.


Wanna get a little sample taste of the licks and jam tracks? Then click below:

Hear the sample licks and
sample jam tracks here


Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • How can I create my own licks?
  • How do I use scales to build riffs and licks?
  • How can I jam over tracks or chord progressions and not get so lost?
  • What’s the secret to phrasing licks together to flow smoothly into solos?
  • How can I jam with other people and feel comfortable with my playing?
  • How can I play licks that don’t sound like exercises – how do you make them sound musical?

180 Blues Licks will answer all of these questions for you


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Check it out:

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