Last Day For the 34 Song Lesson DVDs for $1

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of the MEGA deal that David Taub over at Next Level Guitar is offering.

The short of it is- David is offering all 34 of his song lesson DVDs for only $1 when you sign up for a year membership to Next Level Guitar.

The fun doesnt stop there.  His good friend and everyone's favorite internet guitar teacher, Marty Schwartz will include a full year of access to Guitar Jamz as well.

The cost comes out to only 38 cents a day.  This has to be one of the best deals on guitar lessons I have seen all year!

You can see all that listed here, along with each song
lesson title on all 34 DVDs:


There have been a lot of questions around this insane deal that David sent out an email where he answered some of the most common questions-


Let me answer some of the questions coming in
about all of this ….

QUESTION: David, there's a lot of songs I can learn
from YouTube — why should I learn them from your

ANSWER:  YouTube can be great, no question.  But
keep in mind there are SO many different ways to
play a single song.  Whether it's an alternate tuning,
using a capo or any number of other factors, the
versions you'll find online or elsewhere can't give
you the EXACT match you need to capture the true,
original recording.

Why do I say that? Well, because in order to truly
replicate the original, you have to dive DEEP and
break everything down note by note. In addition to
getting the chorus, verses and bridge exactly right,
you also have to know how to capture all the little
fills, licks and solos. And you simply can't do that
in a 5-minute video …. or even a 20-minute video,
for that matter.

That's why I filmed full, 2-hour DVDs for each of
the 34 songs
I teach.  This is a totally
comprehensive training you can't get anywhere
else that gives you the precise original sound that
you and your audience wants.

QUESTION: What songs are you teaching?  And
why did you pick these particular songs — I don't
recognize all of them.

ANSWER: First of all, you can see the list of all 34
songs here.

Second, you might not recognize the titles on
a few of them but I guarantee you that once you
hear the first few seconds of them you'll go,
“Ohhhhh yeah, I know that song!!!”  The memories
will come flooding back and you'll instantly know
why I picked them.

Every song I picked is a popular classic that just
about everyone knows and loves.  They have a
timeless quality that makes people want to hear
them over and over again.  (In fact, virtually all of
the songs in this collection were featured in the
Guitar Hero game craze from a few years ago.)

QUESTION: I want to get better on guitar by
picking up all the various techniques I need to
learn, not just play songs.  How will this help

ANSWER: Believe me, there is no better way
to master every technique you'll ever need by
learning a song, note by note, the way it was
originally intended — and played — by its
creator.  There's just something about
“swallowing whole” a complete song that lets
you absorb and truly master all the little
techniques that not only let you replicate a
great song, but also allows you to fully
develop your skill set so that you can play
anything you want in the future.


Here is where you can see everything
listed out in detail, along with a short video
I shot:

Learn 34 of the Most Popular
Guitar Songs of All Time Here

To answer another common question,
YES, the 34 song lesson DVDs get generally
get mailed out within 24-48 hours and right
now I'm offering them with FREE shipping.

Grab it here before the deadline: