Learn 3 Killer Metal Guitar Lead Licks

Steve Stine has a great new course coming out and he has released 3 video lessons from it.  It's called 36 Metal Licks.

There are a TON of “licks” courses out there but most are blues or your standard rock licks.  There arent too many metal licks courses out there so this should be a treat for you shredders!

If you love heavy metal guitar and want to break out of the same old pentatonic rut, you'll love these licks.

Check out the free video lessons below and if you dig the licks, watch for the release of 36 Metal Licks.

In the meantime, start shredding out these licks and work them in to your metal guitar solos

Have fun!

Click on the video below to learn 3 cool metal lead guitar licks from 36 Metal Licks