Learn 52 New Blues Rhythms

Tired of those old stale blues rhythms you’ve been playing?

As you may have learned by now, most blues falls into a couple of common feels…

There’s the slow blues, something like the old familiar “Blues In E” so common at any jam session…

And then there’s the shuffle blues so common in songs like “Sweet Home Chicago,” “Tore Down,” and… well… about 1000 other songs.

Now you might have some pretty good “stock” rhythm patterns that you use for tunes like that… but what happens when each song is going 10-12 choruses (meaning 10-12 times through the chord progression?)

Yup… it gets pretty dull pretty fast.

If you are sick of playing the same old boring blues rhythms that every blues course, guitar teacher and YouTube video show you then I have a treat for you.


Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed has created a killer new course called 52 Rhythm Fills and Variations

as the name implies, there are 52 different ideas in slow blues, shuffle blues, straight feel blues, latin blues, even 2nd line Louisiana styles.

So you’ll never be without some cool ideas for variations on any rhythm or feel that comes up at your next jam session.

With even just a small portion of the ideas inside 52 Rhythm Fills & Variations you’ll have more than enough ideas to keep your comping and rhythms sounding fresh and unique, chorus after chorus.

There isnt another course out there like 52 Rhythm Fills and Variations.  As always, Griff did a fantastic job in putting 52 Rhythm Fills and Variations together.  There are a ton of great blues rhythms across a variety of styles of blues guitar.  It's a lot of fun

So if you are sick of playing the old standby blues rhythms, check out the preview video below so you can see and hear some of the different blues rhythms that Griff covers in the course.


Griff is offering a 33% off discount for a short time through the link below so be sure to jump on it if it is something you are interested in.

Griff has a longer video where he explains in detail what 52 Rhythm Fills and Variations is all about and how to get the 33% off discount.


Click the link below to learn more