Learn A Cool Eric Clapton Lick

You just gotta love Eric Clapton stuff.  He has been a huge influence on blues and guitar playing in general.  His blues stuff over the past 20 years has probably kept blues music alive more than just about any other single artist.
And there's one thing he does when he solos that sounds like him and only him – and I call it The Clapton Flurry
It's a trick… no doubt about it. It's fun and not something you want to use all the time… but man does it just KILL in a slow blues over the IV chord.
Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed recently did a cool video lesson where he shows you how to do this cool lick

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And if you love Eric Clapton, you wont want to miss Marty Schwartz's Killer Clapton Licks and Tricks digital download course.

Similar to the hugely popular course- Hendrix Revealed, Marty has spent months dissecting the licks, riffs, tone, and playing style of one of the greatest blues guitar legends out there- Mr Eric “Slowhand” Clapton

You’re going to love this:

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