Learn Fingerstyle Guitar With Marty Schwartz

Playing fingerstyle guitar is an art all its own. And if you haven't explored it much … well, you should!

Fingerpicking on guitar gives you a very different and unique sound that you arent able to get with a pick.

And this is true no matter what genre you play.

I mean, no matter what style you're into, soon as you start playing fingerstyle, the notes just seem to LEAP off your guitar and pretty soon you transport yourself and your listeners to another place entirely.

Anyway, I found an awesome resource to learn this for yourself. Marty Schwartz, who teamed up with John Konesky (of Tenacious D
fame) to create an “all-in-one” 2-DVD set on fingerpicking techniques.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This special set is ONLY
available for the next 48 hours.

I'm talking about playing in the style of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and other masters like Lindsay Buckingham, Tommy Emmanuel and more.

Ever hear how James Taylor produces that awesome “orchestral” sound with his fingerstyle playing? Well, you'll learn how to play that and more with these DVDs.

The lessons start at the very beginning and build from there: how to hold the guitar, what fingers to use, how to play basic chords …. and then they go into the really cool stuff like how to do Travis picking and even how to play fingerstyle for acoustic blues.

This stuff is FUN and not all that hard!!

Check out this video:


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