Learn How To Play Almost Any Song In Less Than 30 Minutes

If you’re anything like most guitar players, you’ve probably spent hours and hours on YouTube and various guitar tab sites like Ultimate Guitar Tabs trying to learn how to play your favorite songs with very little to show for it.

 Okay, so maybe you’ve learned a few songs and riffs and can hack your way through an easy solo or two but something is preventing you from getting really GOOD.

What if you could listen to almost any song and learn how to play it in less than 30 minutes?

Yeah right…

That’s what I thought when I heard about this strange new listening technique. But it works. In fact, what doesn’t work is exactly what you’re doing now, spending hours and hours searching through bad “guitar lessons” on YouTube or completely inaccurate tabs that you find for free on the internet. It actually SLOWS your progress instead.

I hate seeing fellow guitar players think of learning guitar as a chore or thinking that it’s not for them…

Cause that’s simply not true.

Steve Stine, master guitar player and teacher has put together an awesome course called SongFire that will truly give you the ability to listen to almost any song and be able to play along with it in less time than you will spend watching an episode of Big Bang Theory.


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