Learn how to play Metallica Battery inspired 80s thrash style guitar lesson

Check out this awesome lesson from Dave Nasse from Next Level Guitar where he shows you how to play riffs from Metallica's Battery and more importantly helps you develop your Thrash Metal guitar techniques.

If you love to play songs from the big Thrash Metal bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth, you'll definitely want to check this out


Now if you dug that then you'll love the 2 hour DVD lesson that David Taub and the team at Next Level Guitar put together where you will learn the classic thrash song Breadfan from the Titans of Thrash- Metallica

This is the full on song lesson and when we say “full song lesson” we mean it. You will learn ALL the song parts – intro, verses, rhythms, breakdowns, riffs, timing, interlude, licks, full guitar solos, and more.

You learn the techniques as well as the song, so then you can blast them all across all your playing and practicing.

Take a look at this killer preview


Click the link below for more info on this awesome DVD lesson for Metallica's Breadfan

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