Learn Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern Rock Style Guitar Licks

Doesn't guitar just seem totally suited to Southern Rock?!

I mean, it's not the only genre that loves this amazing instrument we play, but dayum, those long jams …

… those boogie rhythms … that deep-fried, country blues foundation …

… the whole outlaw, pedal to the metal vibe …

You gotta just love that! It NEVER gets old.

So look …

… If you love Southern Rock and REALLY wanna nail some of their best songs, then you're going to want to check out what I've got for ya today …

Do you wanna know which band I seem to get more requests about than any other?

Lynyrd Skynyrd!!

Amazing, isn't it, that after all these years so many of us still want to learn that Southern fried hard rock sound that sounds so killer on guitar.

Check out this awesome lesson from the guys at Next Level Guitar where you will learn some awesome southern rock style guitar licks


YouTube is full of lessons on how to play Skynyrd.

But guess what?

NONE of them give you what you really need to play their songs from start to finish … IN FULL.

Nope … all you get are thin tutorials showing you some random parts and chords, etc. That just ain't enough, sorry.

Look, if you really want to learn some of these Skynyrd classics, you gotta go DEEP …

… you have to learn ALL parts of the songs — all the riffs, licks and rhythm parts, all the little fills …

… and you simply can't do that in a 5-minute video …. or even a 20-minute video, for that matter.

The awesome team at Next Level Guitar created a killer course where you will learn these four Skynyrd classics:

“Sweet Home Alabama”
“Simple Man”
“Free Bird”
“Gimme Three Steps”

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