Learn Songs on the Guitar Quicker

Frustrated at how long it takes you to learn a song on the guitar?  Don't get angry…

As guitar players, we all want to learn songs.  Playing our favorite songs on the guitar is what motivates us and provides enjoyment.

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Below are steps that will help you in learning a song more quickly

  • Look for similarities in the song.  For example, verses, choruses or licks that reoccur.  Group the similar parts and separate those from parts that are different.  For example- you may have a song that is 3 verses, 3 choruses an intro and an outro and a solo.  The verses are all played the same so group those together.  The choruses are the same for all 3 choruses so that is group 2.  The intro, outtro and solo are all different from each other.  This gives us 5 total parts.
  • Isolate each part and make it the only thing you will focus on for a period of time during your session.  For example decide to practice a chorus repeatedly for 10 minutes in the session.
  • Practice each for only a specified same amount of time.  For example dedicate 10 minutes on each of the parts in an 8 part song.  Or maybe 6 minutes each for a 10 part song to make it an even hour of practice.  Use your judgement, you know how fast you can learn.  Don’t make the time periods so long that you get bored.  You want to remain excited about what you’re doing.  Don’t make them so short though that you barely make any progress.  A good rule of thumb is to practice something at least 10 times through.  Once you have mastered it, drop it from the rotation.  With that said, play it a few times each session just to keep it under your fingers.
  • After a number of sessions you will find that you may know some parts perfectly while others lag behind.  These are identified as the more difficult ones.
  • Repeat the process with the parts that aren’t perfect yet until everything gets learned.

After you go through this routine with a few songs you will find that there are always parts that are very difficult that may take a lot more time to learn than others. Have a few songs going at once (but not too many) so you dont get bored.

There may be parts that could take weeks to learn.  You can be more aggressive and increase the amount of time you want to spend to get them down quicker.  But dont let one lick or part consume all your practice time.  There’s way to much music out there in the world to get stuck on just one thing.

You can use this same method for practicing licks, chords, scales, etc.

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