Learn the Intro Riff to Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train

One of the students that I teach guitar to through private lessons mentioned that he wanted to learn the intro riff to the mega hit Crazy Train from Ozzy Osbourne's solo debut album, Blizzard of Oz.

The riff features the late Randy Rhoads on guitar.  Randy was a guitar genius but his career was cut short due to a plane crash in March of 1982.  This is one of his iconic riffs that has stood the test of time.

Not only is it a cool riff to learn but there are a few lessons in it that go beyond learnig a great riff.

First, be sure to use alternate picking throughout.  It will give the riff its fluidity and ultimately make it easier to play.  The riff is in straight 16th notes. Its a good workout for your picking hand.

Also there is a finger roll from the 8th note to the 9th note.  Be sure to flatten your finger and roll it to the note instead of picking it up and fretting it with the tip of your finger.

This is also a great example of keeping your hand in what is called a closed position.  That means 1 finger per fret.  For example, every time you play the second fret, you will use your first finger.  The fifth fret will also require the pinky.

Finally, this is a good example of pedal tones.  Notice how you return to the F# (2nd fret, 6th string) often?  You are pedaling off of the F#.  This is very common in Metal.


Here is the tab.  Be sure to take it slow and gradually build up the tempo.  Also keep the above points in mind.  Have fun with it!