Learn Thrash Guitar in the Style of Megadeth

There's ONE guitar genre that just might be the most misunderstood guitar style in existence.

And this is important because it will help you no matter what style you play.

Okay, so what style am I talking about?

It's SHRED guitar.

Yeah, shred … where tatted-up metal heads blindly thrash and do nothing more than play a blizzard of random notes as blazingly fast as they can.

Um … not really.

There's MORE to the story. A LOT more …

Lemme ‘splain …

Did you know that great shredders are among the most respected guitarists around?

Yup. Playing shred demands technical skill and and always impresses audiences in a way that other styles simply can't match.

Look, I don't care what your genre is …

… you can't help but repeatedly bow with your palms down in “I am not worthy” mode when you see a master shredder blaze away on his ax like a blender on fire.

And they play with such PASSION it's crazy.

Seriously, seeing one of these guys can be one of a life-changing experience. (Ever seen Paul Gilbert or Steve Vai blow it up? ‘Nuff said!)

Check out this awesome lesson from shred master Dave Nassie where he teaches you some cool shred guitar stuff in the style of Dave Mustaine and Megadeth



A white-hot solo can be musical art in its highest form, which is why learning shred techniques is one of the smartest things ANY guitarist can do, whether he's into playing heavy metal or not.

Here's what I'm saying:

When you learn the hidden techniques that shred masters execute to create uncanny speed and accuracy, then your guitar playing EXPLODES to the next level whether you're churning out high-energy rock or playing coffee house folk songs.


Okay, so I'm not the first one who came up with that phrase, but I absolutely love it because EVERY guitarist should be intent on increasing their own “Blow Away Factor.”

You have to check out this 4-DVD course called “Masters of Shred,” which teaches you all the secrets to a whole new world of skill with guitar.

Check it out here:
http://www.nextlevelguitar. com/masters_of_shred/

Mastering shred techniques does not happen overnight, but IS doable for ANYONE who puts in a reasonable amount of time with solid instruction.

I'll say it again because it's important: Lightning fast speed and laser-sharp accuracy CAN BE TAUGHT.

Listen, no one woke up one day and was magically able to play solos like Eddie Van Halen or Joe Satriani.

Check out my boy Dave Nassie rip it up but explain things very clearly and slowly in brief excerpts in this short trailer video:

Here's just some of what you'll learn in this DVD

> Build stunning speed by mastering alternate picking.

> Learn killer string skipping all over the fretboard.

> Learn all about sweep picking all over the neck to produce an intoxicating fast and fluid sound.

> Blow your friends away by learning fluid fast legato playing all over the neck — you'll be so fast and fluid they'll never have a chance to come up for air!

> Discover everything you need to know about arpeggios – major, minor, diminished, modal arpeggios, and many more!

> Dazzle your audience with killer hybrid picking techniques that allows you to perform music that would normally require fingerstyle playing. This adds flair and flash and takes your playing to a whole ‘nother level.

There is TONS more to this package

So go here right now to see it all in detail: