Learn to Play Guitar in the Style of Slash

Slash is easily one of the most influential guitar players in the last 30 years.

From the epic riffs in Welcome to the Jungle, the singing melodic lines in Sweet Child O Mine, the acoustic grooves in One in a Million and the epic solos in November Rain, Slash has written some of the most epic guitar lines in the last 3 decades.

Check out this great lesson from Dave Nassie and the team at Next Level Guitar where you can learn some of the styles, scale choices, tones and licks so you can incorporate Slash's style of playing in to yours

Here is another great video from Marty Schwartz at Guitar Jamz where Marty shows you 3 iconic riffs from Slash and explains how he developed them

If you enjoyed these Slash inspired guitar lessons and want to incorporate Slash's style of guitar playing in to your guitar playing then we have some exciting news for you

Next Level Guitar has created an incredible course dedicated to learning the guitar playing style of Slash

They take a deep dive into all his best tips, tricks and techniques and created a lesson product that you have to see to believe.

Go see Slash and Learn right now:


First of all, when you learn the techniques Slash pioneered, you give your guitar playing the best of both worlds …

1. Raw, intoxicating power AND …

2. A natural way to infuse your lead guitar skills with beautiful MELODIC soloing.

I mean, think about it …

So many of Slash's solos are so melodic, you can almost SING them.

Believe it or not, you CAN learn to play like Slash – the awesome techniques, that gritty powerful sound, the intoxicating melodic solos …

But here's the problem …

How can you do all that and ALSO play in a free-wheeling way, letting it rip as if it was nearly as effortless as playing air guitar?

Well, you do that by mastering every little piece to its core, and you just can't do that without the high-def close-ups we give you, along with these key lesson features:

crystal clear on-screen tablature

killer-sounding jam tracks that coincide precisely with the lessons themselves

a 35-page ebook that ties it all together whenever you need it

a free one-year membership to Next Level Guitar so that you can fill in any missing blank to your playing as you go along

Click here to get that now, but hurry because there's a deadline:

We're talking over 4.5 hours of lessons in 19 videos that take you down the rabbit hole, and you're going to be pleasantly shocked to discover how much of it is surprisingly doable.

Learn to play his monster heavy riff building …

… discover those awesome wah pedal techniques …

… hear those rolling licks pouring out of YOUR guitar …

… amaze yourself as you play the fast legato techniques …

… play those killer Slash-style sliding notes

And of course, you'll also get instruction on all the foundational techniques you'll need: hammer-on and pull-off techniques; alternate picking; palm muting; string bending, tonality and vibrato; and more.

And LICKS! Let's not forget the LICKS!

They are also including a free one-year membership to Next Level Guitar, where we have more than 2,000 video lessons in every style and genre, covering all ability levels. They are including this so that you can fill in any missing piece to your playing that you may want. (Already a member of our site? Perfect, they will just extend your expiration date by a full year 🙂


Look, I don't care what your favorite genre is — Slash has got such great crossover appeal that his secrets will fit perfectly into your own playing. Plus, he's not “flavor of the month” trendy, not one bit. And you wanna know why? It's because he’s EVOLVED over the years. He's always been working on his craft, relentlessly. That means there is a LOT to show you. There is a LOT in his bag of tricks … and they are a ton of fun, let me tell you. Click here to see a sample lesson clip of “Slash and Learn.”

>>> http://nextlevelguitar.com/slash_and_learn_dd/