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This is a first in a series where I will be reviewing some of the different online courses, DVDs, books etc that I have used throughout my guitar journey.  All the reviews that you will see in this series were used by me and hopefully give you a good sense of what guitar instructional material will work for you.  These reviews will be straight up and no BS.  I'll give you the good, the bad and the ugly of each.

First up is is the very first piece of instructional material I used to begin my guitar journey- JamPlay.com


I picked JamPlay.com first as this was the first Online Guitar Lessons I used when I got back in to guitar 5 years ago.  I remember vividly buzzing from returning from Guitar Center with my new Epiphone Les Paul and Line 6 amp.  I unwrapped everything, plugged it in and stopped.  The high from my new gear purchase crashed.  Why?  Because the reality of “Now what do I do with this stuff?!” hit me.  Just because you have the gear, doesnt mean you can do anything with it.  I just spent all of this money and had no resources to help me figure how to use it.  Like most people, I turned to our good friend Google.  I came across a lot of “play like Hendrix in 2 weeks!” and “master the guitar in your sleep.”  Even being the new player, I knew that was BS.  Weeding out the garbage, I found JamPlay.

JamPlay.com is hitting it big in the guitar world. Their website is a membership only service which broadcasts high-definition video guitar lessons. They have brought together guitar instruction with interactivity… even allowing you to ask questions to their video instructors. They feature something like 40 different guitar instructors to give you a selection in teaching methods and personalities.

They teach by “lesson set” instead of just flopping out a ton of small video clips. They start with the very basics like tuning your guitar, finger placement, and basic chords, and move on to finger-picking, palm muting, hammer ons, pull offs, and many more advanced topics as you progress through the lessons. I really liked this feature, because you can follow through these lesson sets just how you would with a normal guitar teacher. Biggest thing is, it's cheap as well because they get so many members.  If you're not interested in a certain type of music or dont want to learn about topic X, you dont have to.  You can select the Blues course or the Rock and Metal section etc etc

They also have jam tracks that you can play along to, a full library of chord diagrams and scale charts, games and a great community.

I learned a ton from JamPlay.  I still remember very vividly, learning my first chords as I watched instructor Steve Eulberg explain them on the screen. You really can Learn to Play Guitar Online

I really dont have anything bad to say about JamPlay.  It really is a real deal no BS guitar site that has quality instruction.  Some of the instructors are a bit over the top or I didnt care much for their personality but that's an individual thing.

If you are looking for real top notch instruction, I would give them a try.

Check out the videos below that give you a sample of what you'll see at JamPlay.  This video is instructor Kenny Blue Ray covering some of the basics of playing the blues.


The Six String Madness rating for JamPlay.com- 6 out of 6 strings


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