Learn To Play Hendrix

I mentioned in my last post that Dunlop has teamed up with GuitarTricks.com to offer a killer contest where you can win Dunlop Hendrix guitar effects pedals AND get a free trial to GuitarTricks.com

What I didnt mention was all of that great Hendrix lessons that you can take advantage of with your free trial to Guitar Tricks.

Guitar Tricks has a huge collection of Hendrix song lessons including:

Hear My Train A Comin'
Little Wing
Manic Depression
Pali Gap
Purple Haze
Slow Time Blues
The Wind Cries Mary
Valleys Of Neptune
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Click the video below to check em out

If that wasnt enough, here is a cool Hendrix technique lesson-
Much of Hendrix's style comes from his ability to express his emotion so deeply.  one of the tricks he used to make his performances so powerful was the skill of string bending.  Check out this video to learn the basics in adding more power to your bending and lead guitar playing.

Hendrix Style String Bending