Learn To Play Like Eric Clapton


A few weeks ago, Marty Schwartz announced that he would be releasing a cool new course called Killer Clapton and it looks like it is now available!

Check it out ….

Why You Should Learn to Play
Like Eric Clapton. (And Yes,
You CAN, Play Like Eric Clapton.)

Similar to the hugely popular course- Hendrix Revealed, Marty has spent months dissecting the licks, riffs, tone, and playing style of one of the greatest blues guitar legends out there- Mr Eric “Slowhand” Clapton

You're going to love this:

See “Killer Clapton”: All His Best Licks, Riffs, Tricks and Techniques — All Demystified and Made Simple.


Should you even TRY to play like Eric Clapton?

Better yet, CAN you???

Why You Should — And CAN — play like Eric Clapton:

1) His solos are melodic and memorable … and yet there's a real simplicity to his style that's very teachable.

2) Clapton does the coolest little “flicks” and other bending techniques that will lend an entirely new and COOL sound to everything you do.

3) His stuff is super tasty but not so “acrobatic” that you can't do it yourself.

There's other great reasons, too. To see all eight reasons, go here:

8 Surprising Reasons You Should, and CAN, Play Like Eric Clapton

Learning these Clapton techniques won't just immediately create some of the coolest-ever sounds from your guitar— they'll literally transform your playing skills and take them to the next level,

These new courses that Marty is doing are really cool as they focus on a specific artist and completely dissect every aspect

Of their playing so you have the tools, tricks and techniques to incorporate that style in to your own playing.


Hendrix Revealed sold out QUICK so if you love Eric Clapton (who doesn’t?!) then you’ll want to jump on this

Check it out right now here: