Learn White Stripes- Seven Nation Army

Learn to Play the Verse Riff to White Stripes- Seven Nation Army

Formed in 1997, the husband and wife team, Jack and Meg White brought a revival of garage rock back to mainstream with their simplistic approach to a mix of blues and punk.  After hitting the Detroit music scene for several years, the White Stripes hit it big with their 3rd album White Blood Cells.  The White Stripes follow up to White Blood Cells, Elephant went platinum in the US and the first single from the album, Seven Nation Army was their biggest.

Jack White, Meg White, Seven Nation Army

The intro/verse is an easy and catchy riff to play.  It should be noted that Jack used an octave pedal to achieve that almost bass guitar sound.  Dont fret too much about it as you play along.  Here is the tab-


Once you have the riff down, go ahead and play along with the track.  Click below to download Seven Nation Army


Seven Nation Army - Elephant