Limited Time Sale on Papastache’s 100 Blues Rock Licks

For a limited time, get a HUGE discount on Papastache's 100 Blues Rock Licks



EDITORS UPDATE: Although the initial sale is over and the bonuses are no longer available, Papastache is still offering 100 Blues Rock Licks at a discounted price

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About 6 months ago, Brett Papastache released his biggest selling guitar course to date- 100 Blues Rock Licks.   

It sold out quick but Brett has brought it back and with a huge discount and some nice bonuses to go with.

I know,  Another “licks” course right?!

This one is different

Very different

Most licks courses show you a bunch of random licks and then go tell you to practice them.  There is no application to the licks taught.  No mention of how to make REAL solos with them.  Nothing.  Just a bunch of random licks.

Papastache's 100 Blues Rock Licks is SOOO much different

See, Brett is not satisfied with teaching you a few blues-rock licks and leaving it at that.

No, because truth be told, that's not good enough.

There’s one huge mistake people make when learning how to play licks. It’s that they are taught guitar licks – and nothing else.

In other words, they leave it up to you as to how to make use of the licks themselves: how to practice them, how to apply them, how to solo with them, etc.

BIG MISTAKE.  You're WAY better off learning right off the bat how to APPLY the lick.  And how to ATTACH it to other licks.  And how to play them all over the neck.

It means you can now do almost anything you want on guitar.

I'm telling you, this is the big missing piece that gets you to that next playing level quickly.

So here's what Brett did ….

He created a 5-DVD set in which he breaks all this down in his own inimitable style.

It's called “100 Blues Rock Licks,” and you can take a look here:


And because Marty Schwartz is childhood friends with Brett, he is including a free 14-day pass to Guitar where you can get access to every single guitar lesson Marty has ever created (1,500+ and counting).

Go see this now to see what it will do for your playing:

100+ Blues Rock Licks With Free Guitar Jamz Membership Bonus!


Check out this sample from Brett's 100 Blues Rock Licks