Marty Schwartz Shares His Secret To Being A Great Guitar Player

You've heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power,” right?

Well, when it comes to playing guitar, knowledge is

There seems to be a trend lately where the days of buying a tab book of your favorite band and going home and with a lot of frustration, try to schlep your way through it with no real success are over.

The focus has been more on the underlying, fundamental principles of what it takes to be a great guitar player.

In fact, another titan of guitar teaching, Steve Stine, in his last 3 course releases have been more about these fundamental principles-


Steve focused on the fundamental techniques that a guitar player needs.

Anyone can buy a tab book or download it from some guitar tab website but as I mentioned, its the fundamental principals of guitar playing that will truly make you an awesome player.

Another core fundamental is music theory.

Once you understand music theory, the fretboard opens up to you like
one of those enchanting musical boxes where beautiful music just comes pouring out, seemingly by magic.

And that is where Marty's new course Music Theory Survival Guide comes in.

Seriously, forget everything you may have heard about music theory.  This is way cooler — and infinitely easier and more fun — than you think.

Online Guitar Guru, Marty Schwartz made a short video about this.  Watch it here now:

Playing guitar and becoming a musician is WAY more than just knowing where to put your fingers.

Music theory applied with practice will dramatically increase your guitar
playing skills.  Knowing music theory does not hinder your creativity.  It UNLEASHES it.

Anyone who tells you that learning music theory will inhibit your creativity either never studied it with the right teacher or never learned how to APPLY what
they learned to their playing.

Most importantly, learning music theory is not boring— at least not when you tie it to your favorite songs, which is exactly how Marty teaches it in his Music Theory Survival Guide.

Marty's new music theory course is one of the most practical, usable, hands-on and
just plain FUN course that will serve as maybe the most important stepping stone to your guitar journey.  He has cut out all the non-essential theory and only
handed you the stuff you REALLY need to know.

Click here to see it now:

Here is some of what Marty covers:

> Learn a simple two-step method to get “what's in
your head onto the neck of the guitar.” (And into the
ears of your delighted audience.)

> Gain an ability to come up with creative musical
ideas on a regular basis.

> Learn four easy changes you can make now to
maximize your practice time. (Practice smarter, not

> Discover why certain chord progressions sound
better than others — and then take full advantage by
applying that across the board in your playing.

> Learn what notes you can use to improvise over
certain changes (which is just one example of what
learning music theory can do for your playing.)

Click here now to check it all out: