Master Guitar Phrasing For Better Solos

Are you ready to start building  your own earth shattering solos  from  scratch? I’m not talking about putting a bunch of licks and  scales  together. I mean a REAL solo ​using your own style and  “voice”.

Check out this short video from  my good  friend  Steve Stine and  find out how you can do that  today.


How To Make Your Lead Guitar Solos  Sound  Awesome


Steve will be showing you exactly how to do that  in his ​“Learn To Phrase In 14 Days” course ​where you’ll be learning, step-by-step, how to make  your solos  sound like YOU and  not a mediocre copy of someone else

Now the awesome thing is that  for a short time you can get the entire course for a big 31% discount.

Just make  sure  you ​claim  yours  before March 1st ​because then the special  website will be taken down  and  this awesome offer will be gone  forever.


Here’s the link to the special  website with all the details: Steve Stine's Phrasing in 14 Days Special Offer

Preview Lessons

Steve put together 3 awesome preview lessons from Phrasing in 14 Days that you can check out to see if this course is right for you

Video 1

Phrasing in 14 Days Preview 1

Steve talks about what phrasing is and why it is so important.  He teaches you how to create a simple melody by finding a “balance” between the chords and visualization of the guitar.

Video 2

Phrasing in 14 Days Preview 2

In this video you're going to learn what makes a solo sound natural and authentic just by applying a simple technique Steve likes to call the “box technique”.

Video 3

Phrasing in 14 Days Preview 3

Video 3 of Phrasing in 14 Days is all about improvising.  Forget about all the scales, techniques, plotting points and all that. Focus on the melody and how they work with the chords. Try to feel out why it works and how you can improve on it to bring out a part of you to make your own phrases.