Mega Sale on Marty Schwartz’s Beginner Guitar Course

If you remember the post from last week where we shared that Marty Schwartz was running his $1 sale on a special 11 part beginner guitar course

Well Marty is at it again with another awesome offer that we thought the readers of Six String Madness might want to take advantage of.

If you took advantage of that awesome $1 sale and are craving more than check this out-

If you are looking for a step-by-step blueprint rather than jumping around on YouTube going from video to video with no structure which I'm sure you know will save you a huge amount of time and frustration in your guitar playing then Marty's latest deal is something you'll want to pay attention to.

Marty is offering a deal on his 12-DVD, mega-package for beginners that is his “All In One, Complete” Beginner Blueprint for learning guitar …


This package contains EVERYTHING a beginning guitarist could ever want, including being able to play any song you want quickly and easily, without having to do a bunch of boring drills.And you can see it right here:

Normally the Guitar Jamz Beginner DVD set retails for $298.

Since the $1 sale was such a huge success Marty is offering his 12 DVD Beginners guitar lesson set for only $49

If you are a beginner guitar player, DO NOT pass this up.  There is a reason why Marty Schwartz is the biggest guitar teacher on the internet.


Check it out!