Michael Angelo Batio Begs For Money


I received the latest email newsletter from Metal Method yesterday and in it was a plea to the fans of Michael Angelo Batio (MAB) to “pledge” money to fund his latest album.  Here is a bit of what the email said-

Unless you're an artist like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber you can no longer count on a record company to promote your project. That's why MAB has created a Kickstarter program to help record, master and promote his ground breaking new album, “Intermezzo.”

The Kickstarterprogram allows an artist's friends and fans the opportunity to financially back a project in exchange for some great prizes. Power to the people!

In other words, MAB doesnt want to step up like a professional artist who has been in the business for decades, assume the risks of a business venture such as releasing an album and either get rich from the sales or lose out.

INSTEAD, he wants his fans to chip in for the bill and in exchange they get a bunch of swag.  Is this what the state of current artists has become?  Are they that lost without a major label record deal?  Can they not understand the business side of being independent?  Do they have that little respect for their fans that they stoop to asking them to pay for production costs?

Instead of coming up with the capital on his own or seeking out partners (who would share in the earnings for exchange in sharing in the risk), MAB wants you to give up $500 so he can spend more time in the studio and in exchange he'll skype with you for an hour and send you an autograph.

I was completely insulted by this.  Pay for your own damn studio time and if your album is any good, people will buy it.

In one section, he talks about how he needs money for distribution of CDs.  Who in the hell buys CDs anymore?  One of the “prizes” was a “special thank you” in the liner notes.  Does anyone know what liner notes are anymore?

The ironic thing about it is that if you pledge all this money for an artist to be lazy, you still have to buy the damn CD that you helped fund.


MAB- Put your professional pants on and do things the respectable way.  If you want people to buy your latest collection of “music” that sounds like a bunch of guitar exercises sped up, then take some risk, be a smart business person and create something good.  Dont hit your fans up for lunch money.