Modify Your Tubescreamer

Just about every guitar player has had a Tubescreamer on their pedalboard at one time or another.  In fact the Tubescreamer is the biggest selling overdrive pedal ever!  Most players end up with a stock TS9.  The TS808 model is actually a much more preferred tone as it takes away some of the things we dont like about the TS9., in addition to all of their awesome online guitar and bass lessons has a section that members can access where instructor Steve McKinley shows you how to care for, maintain and modify your guitar and pedals.

In the lesson below, Steve shows you how to take that stock TS9 you have and convert it to the much preferred TS808.  It's easier than you think.

Some of the other great topics that Steve covers in the Guitar Care and Maintenance section of JamPlay include:

  • replacing an input jack
  • replacing guitar pickups
  • modifying the sweep on a cry baby
  • Boss DS-1 mods

Subscribing to JamPlay gives you unlimited access to all of Steve's lessons.