Music Theory and Why You Should Care

Many people have a serious “block” when it comes to something like music theory.

They think that learning something technical means that it's somehow “anti-creative.”

This is a really common myth.

The truly great thing about playing guitar is that we can express
things through music that are just not possible any other way.

But trying to play or write expressive music without knowing guitar theory is like trying to drive at night without headlights. You may get where you're going
eventually, but chances are you'll crash and burn and you'll look bad doing it.

I guarantee you that every guitarist you have ever been amazed by knows guitar theory to some extent.
If you don't know your way around the fretboard, and  if you don't understand some important basic music theory, you'll never really get beyond the “middling”

Listen, if you're happy noodling along playing just a few songs once in a while and you're fine with the level you're at, that's fine.

But if you started playing guitar because you had a burning vision of yourself really accomplishing something with the guitar — like seeing the looks on
people's faces after you play their favorite song perfectly with true feeling — then you need to make it happen by learning one of the essential building
blocks that puts it all together for you.

Marty Schwartz has a great sale going on his 4 DVD set “Music Theory Survival Guide” right now.  Marty covers all of the essential things you need to know about music theory and how it applies to the guitar.

This is a fantastic no nonsense approach to learning music theory by everyone's favorite guitar teacher- Marty Schwartz.

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