Music Theory Made Easy

Most guitar players groan when the topic of music theory comes up but a solid understanding of it is essential to becoming a good player.  The problem is most theory courses out there get way too in depth and to be honest, are not geared toward guitar and are boring.  The newest course from GuitarZoom and Steve Stine solve those problems. has teamed up with guitar instructor Steve Stine again for his new course- Music Theory Made Easy.  Steve Stine is the instructor for the hugely successful courses 96 Rock Licks and SoloFire.  If you are a regular reader of SixStringMadness, you will know what a huge fan of those courses I am.  Check out my reviews of 96 Rock Licks and SoloFire.

Music Theory Made Easy (MTME) teaches the intermediate guitarist, the basics, fundamentals, and the foundation of music and how it applies to guitar. It also teaches how all notes, chords, scales and progressions fit together. At the end of the course, the guitarist will be able to have the freedom to pick up their guitar, learn any song fast and be able to play it in a matter of minutes.
MTME is a simple, easy-to-follow course that teaches you the fundamentals of music theory and how to apply to your everyday playing.
This course is taught by Steve Stine, Professor of Modern Guitar at North Dakota State University. Steve has been playing and teaching guitar for over 20 years. He’s played in dozens of bands touring the U.S. and the U.K. He holds a bachelors degree in music education. And he’s the chief guitarist-in-residence at

Music Theory Made Easy comes out Tuesday October 9th but Steve is offering almost an hour's worth of free video previews before the course is officially released.

Click here if you want the definitive course on music theory designed for guitar players.