New Blues Guitar Blog

I wanted to share a new blues guitar blog that I came across that I think the readers of Six String Madness will enjoy.

TrueFire Educator Jeff McErlain has just launched his first installment of his new weekly video blog called Jeff McErlain’s Brooklyn Blues. Each week Jeff will share a free video guitar lesson, a lick, a concept, a tone tip, and more.

Jeff is a monster blues guitar player and has published some of my favorite courses on TrueFire

If you're looking for some really solid Blues courses, check out Jeff's

Blues Guitar Survival Guide Rhythm

Blues Guitar Survival Guide Lead


Jeff's latest lesson on Brooklyn Blues is a cool sliding double stop lick idea using the Am Pentatonic and some hybrid picking

Jeff writes about this lick idea:

I first heard this lick from Billy Gibbons on the ZZ Top classic La Grange and a number of Cream tunes including Clapton’s earth shattering solo on Crossroads. This one is fairly simple, but hugely effective and never seems to get old!