New Years Resolutions


You know, those things you swear you are going to commit to doing in an effort to make your life better.

As guitar players these usually revolve around how we're going to focus more, practice more, get a gig, start a band, practice more, write a song for the girlfriend or wife, practice more…

Notice I mentioned “practice more” a few times?  This is because if you're anything like me, setting up some sort of practice routine is usually pretty high on that list of things you have resolved to do.

I tend to keep my resolution for a day or two and then it just gets to be too much trouble… *unless* I build it into a routine. If you feel out of balance with stuff right now, it might be worth your time to make some routines for yourself and try them out. Write down when you will practice, what you will practice, and for how long. Set timers as needed and do not deviate until it becomes a habit. That means you have to make the plan something you can stick with. A plan you can stick with is infinitely more successful.

One thing you can do is break up your practice into more than 1 piece throughout the day.  Most people have a fairly short capacity to focus on something difficult. For me, I can focus and practice on something hard for about 10-20 minutes after that I start to notice my mind wander. I start noodling or playing old tunes I already know. When that starts to happen to you, your focus is gone and you need to re-steer the ship if you expect to get any more done.  Get up and take a break.  Come back later and go at it again for another 10-15 minutes or when you hit that point of mind drift again.

If you need help in developing a solid practice routine, check out this fantastic practice generator.  It will lay everything out for you and you won’t waste time trying to figure out what you should be working on and ultimately will help you build that crucial routine you need to improve on the guitar.

Click here ===> Practice Generator

I have created a form to help you get started with your guitar related New Year’s resolutions.  Click the link below, read the directions and fill out 3-5 goals you have for your guitar playing in 2013.  Keep the sheet out to remind yourself of your goals.  In addition to the practice generator, I have a free practice log to help you track your progress so you know how well you are doing on your goals.  Documenting your progress is a great motivator.

Click here ===> New Years Resolutions for Guitar Players

Click here ===> Free Practice Log

Wishing the best success in your guitar playing in 2013…