Next Level Guitar 180 Blues Licks and Jams

Want to Be Able to Jam Out with ANYONE at the Drop of a Hat, Easily and Naturally?

Stop struggling to learn individual licks and instead learn what’s behind the lick so that you can quickly and easily turn one lick into ten … then twenty … 

David Taub and the crew at Next Level Guitar have just released something that's pure genius.

It gets to the heart of what playing guitar is all about.

And that goes double if you love playing Blues guitar.

It's called 180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams, and here's why it's so cool …


David and his team did something you don't normally see … they teach you what'sBEHIND the lick, which is so much better than merely being shown a lick.

There are dozens of courses out there that teach you a bunch of licks but what has always made the guys at Next Level Guitar different is that David and the team teach you how to use the licks in your playing and it's this application that separates REAL guitar players from the copycats

I'm telling ya, this REALLY opens up huge possibilities for your playing that you might not even realize yet!

It means you can APPLY the lick.  And ATTACH the lick to another one.  And play them ALL OVER THE NECK.

It means you can learn how to JAM WITH ANYONE … at any time …. at the drop of a hat … with dozens of licks just pouring out of your guitar easily, as if you've known them your whole life.

it gets to the heart of what we all really want from guitar.

And it rolls right over one of the biggest obstacles that holds back many beginners and “low intermediate” players.

Let me explain ….

First of all, if you want to see what this is about, then go here now:

180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams   <=  click here

Okay, I don’t know about you, but one of the BEST things about playing guitar is simply jamming out.

I'm not talking about just idly noodling on the couch while you half-watch ESPN, lol.

I'm talking about being able to seriously jam with ANYONE … at the drop of a hat, where amazing licks and phrases just come pouring out of your guitar with natural ease.

Doing that is one the greatest joys you'll ever have, believe me.

But you can't just do that by learning a lick or two.  You have to learn what's BEHIND the lick …. how to APPLY that lick …. and how to ATTACH and MIX different licks all over the neck.

And when you do that, suddenly you've turned one lick into ten … and then twenty … and before you know it, you have a complete arsenal of licks and phrases that lets you …. JUST PLAY … instead of struggling mightily.

Can you learn this if you're a beginner?

YES, when you follow the precise steps in this program.

Go Listen to These Sample Licks and Jams 

David set up a web page where you can listen to a few sample licks you'll be learning:

Hear 4 lick samples here.   <= killer blues & rock style!

And check out these 3 jam track samples:

Hear 3 jam track samples here.


So what's all in the course?

…. Over SIX hours of video lessons on five DVDs

… 30 KILLER Jam Tracks on three CDs

…. 70-page PDF ebook with written lessons and scale diagrams that ties it all together

It gets better…

For the next four days only, David is offering 180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams for a HALF OFF discount, PLUS ….

…. FIVE bonus DVDs worth $114.80.

You will LOVE those bonuses, I promise.

You can see them (and everything else) here:


Check out a quick preview video where David gives you the rundown on everything and how this will help you.  You can see that now here: