Next Level Guitar Forum Is Back!

David Taub and the NextLevelGuitar team have been producing guitar instructional DVDs for a long time now and were one of the first to create an online guitar learning system.

In addition to the great courses, they have a web forum as well. Unfortunately, they were having some technical issues and it was down for a while, but they got it all sorted out and it's all back to normal again.

Click here to check out the forum right now:

Not only is it a great resource for musicians but it's also a fun, social place to hang.  It's also a great way to post specific questions you have about
anything music or guitar-related.

You can also network and meet other musicians, ask questions, learn about cool
techniques and the latest on gear, and so much more.

Be sure to check out the FREE 3 day trial to NLG and pick up a cool guitar ebook

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