No Time to Play Guitar? Do This

You’re busy, I’m busy… everyone’s busy these days.

So who the heck’s got ANY time to play guitar?

I know there’s part of you that feels guilty when you DON’T play….and I know that because I feel the same way.

I can totally relate… For me, I feel like I *should* be playing — it's who I am.

So what’s the solution? Well, I have 3 tips for you today.

First, realize you DON’T have to play guitar for HOURS every day…
Sometimes you get better when you’re not playing because your subconscious mind does a lot of the work of absorbing things…like the old saying goes “sleep on it”.

However, and this is critical… you DO have to play a little bit every day. And THAT’S the trick. Make sure you’re at least picking up the guitar for 5-10 minutes. Every day.

Second tip is place your guitar somewhere you’re going to see it. Make sure it’s just in arms reach, like RIGHT next to your couch or your bed or your desk. And for 5-10 minutes everyday, pick it up and play with it. Play something you’ve never played before. Play a solo faster. Learn a new song.

Third, focus on feeling good and having FUN… Hey, that’s why started playing guitar anyway, right?  Don’t lose sight of the fun factor…
Play stuff that YOU’RE excited about…

And on that note, we all need some extra inspiration from time to time, and it’s good to keep feeding your head.  Keep pumping good vibes into your brain, and one really good way is get a guitar course which you can easily follow along with. All you’ve got to do is press play, grab your guitar and learn.

Sometimes when we feel we don’t have time, we really don’t have energy/inspiration. But watching a DVD is easy and it motivates you.

If getting inspired and improving at the push of a button is something that interests you, then I highly recommend checking out some of the great online guitar courses that are out there.

Here are some of our favorites at Six String Madness