One of the Most Common Guitar Questions Asked


“How much time do I really need to practice to get really good at guitar soloing?”

My Answer:  As much as you can, but don’t obsess about it.

Here’s what I mean by that . . .

If you try and lock yourself into a rigid schedule (“I will practice X amount of time every single day,” etc), then you might be setting yourself up for an all-or-nothing attitude that sets you up for a false feeling of “failure” if you miss a day or two.

Try this approach instead: “I’m going to keep picking up the guitar whenever I have a few minutes to practice this one lick till I get it down cold.”  Waiting for a load of clothes to dry?  pick up the guitar, commercial time during your favorite show?  Pick up the guitar.

See, that way, you’re not concerned so much about the amount of time you’re practicing as you are in mastering something specific.

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And your goal, by the way, doesn't have to be complete mastery.  Just intending to make a little progress, or get a little more comfortable with something new, can be a worthy goal.

When you set a goal for improving a specific progression or lick or whatever, then you’ll find that time will just melt away and next thing you know you’re getting better and better.

This makes it feel less like practice and more like . . . PLAY.

It’s also important to have a SYSTEMATIC way of structuring your practice time so that you’re not just treading water.

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