Papastache Hendrix Masterclass

jimi hendrixIf you enjoyed Marty's Hendrix Revealed course, you'll absolutely love Bret Papastache's brand new 4 DVD course- Hendrix Masterclass.

Marty did an awesome job in his 22 video download series, Hendrix Revealed. He gave you a great introduction in to the world of playing guitar like the great Jimi Hendrix.

Papastache, in Hendrix Masterclass, turns it up several notches and using several of the most popular Jimi Hendrix songs, dives deep in to the licks, riffs, style ideas etc that will give you that Hendrix sound and ability to play in the style of one of the greatest guitar players ever! This is stuff that you will be able to create your own Hendrix inspired solos and start using in your own playing immediately.  If you love Hendrix, you wont want to miss this!

HENDRIX   <== go watch this now

With Papastache's Hendrix Masterclass 

You CAN create the same sounds …

You CAN learn his secret techniques …

You CAN learn 70+ licks in the legendary Hendrix style …

You CAN start fusing together your rhythm and lead playing in ways you've never imagined.

And all that WILL take your guitar skills to another level immediately because you'll be SEEING the fretboard in a whole NEW way.  

You'll see shapes and possibilities you never did before.

Click here to see what I mean:


This is easier than you think.  You'll be surprised to know that much of what Hendrix did is not only doable but doesn't even involve difficult or acrobatic movements.

Even if you have only dabbled in the blues, then this Hendrix material is within reach for you, absolutely.  You'll be using many of the same chords and scales you already know.  (And if you don't know them, no sweat, Brett shows you those, too.)  But it's HOW he mixed them together that created those amazing sounds that still sound awesome to this day.  

Watch this video now to see this explained in full:

The 4-DVD set also includes a collection of custom-made jam tracks that will make you want to practice forever.  Wanna hear samples of each track?  Then click here.

These are the classic Hendrix hits that Bret used as inspiration for all these lessons:

Foxy Lady
Bold As Love
All Along The Watchtower
Manic Depression
Killing Floor

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