Play a Blues Solo With Only 4 Notes

This one has been out there for a while but those of you that may be new to blues guitar or soloing, it's an awesome example of how you dont need a ton of notes or flash to play a great blues solo.  Soloing especially in the Blues genre is so much about the nuances and feel.  Not how many notes you can cram in in 60 seconds.

Griff Hamlin who is the creator of one of my favorite Blues courses- Playing Through the Blues, put together an awesome lesson called the 4 Note Solo.

Below is the instructional video, tab, play along track and a backing track so you have everything you need to master this cool concept.

Be sure to check out Griff's Playing Through the Blues course.  It has to be one of the most comprehensive ways to go from complete beginner to having a solid foundation in learning both rhythm and lead blues guitar

Click the image below








On to the 4 note solo-



4 note solo tab

4 note solo jam track

4-note-solo play along