Practice With Purpose

Sometimes you have to really *practice* hard to be able to get a handle on a certain song, technique, concept etc…

And sometimes it can get really frustrating, especially if you forget *why* you're doing it.

As a webmaster of a guitar website and professional guitar instructor, I get emails and feedback from guitar players all the time where they describe something like they are practicing scales and arpeggios and chords and all this stuff and are getting burned out.

The first thing I ask them is “why” are they practicing those things

9 times out of 10, they cant answer the question or say something to the effect that is what they are supposed to do.

But straight up, if you don't know why you're practicing scales or chords or licks or… whatever it is, you're going to get burned out too.

Now am I saying you should not buckle down and play hard sometimes?

No, not at all…

Instead, I'm saying that you need to have an idea of why you're doing it…

* maybe to play a new song that's a little out of reach
* maybe to be able to improvise over a tune that's a little faster
* maybe it's so you won't make a mistake in one part of a song you know because your fingers won't quite make it

Whatever the reason, keep it in mind so you won't feel so isolated when working on technical skills.

Always know the “WHY” and have a clear understanding how you are going to apply what it is that you are working on.

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